Binghamton University | Arts 486 - Computer Graphics | S 2019

March 28, 2019

Project 2: Designing the Brand

Please Click Here to see the detailed style guide

This is the actual Grid system after I divided it

This is the basic Grid system for the website

February 19, 2019

Project 2: Business Card Design

For this project, I decided to design a brand for a Cat Café. The topic I chose was "lines" and I have implemented this topic to an aesthetic form and create a line art. I tried to follow the concept of "minimalism", so I used only black and white for the color palette. I used the most compact and angular typeface for this design, which is "Axis black", because I have seen some line art works and it has low-resolution feel in it.

January 25, 2019

Project 1: Poster Re-Design

This project's goal was to re-design the existing poster which around the campus. I chose the poster made by the professor from my other class. The poster was about the talk with the subject of 'was there any progress in a relationship between North Korea and United States in the Trump administration?' I chose to use Illustrator because it is more neat, and traced both faces of the presidents to make the poster look more flat. I decided to use the color scheme, some shapes, and typeface that are actually used in North Korea.